All women want to be perfect. We want to be affectionate to children, a good housewife, the best cook, an interesting conversationalist and an attractive woman for a man, and, I almost forgot, a successful careerist.

And in addition, we must be healthy, because, having such a level of workload, the disease is an unavailable luxury.
So how to do everything and not to break your own body and mind?

1. Smart planning

How many times have you made a to-do list? How many times have you finished it?

From my own experience, I can say that we often overestimate ourselves. No one will write in a diary about changing diapers, reading books or just about the need to devote time to children. To feed, to hug, to kiss the knee if they fell. Those are the things that we do not add to the to-do list because of their spontaneity and urgency. But these are the things that make up the biggest part of our days. Therefore, don’t hesitate to have a short list of things to do for the day, because of all these additional actions. Let it be 3-5 items, and in the evening you will not blame yourself for something that you did not have time to finish.

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2. Planned vacation

They say that the best rest is a change of activity. It’s hard to argue with that, though.. If it’s a change between mental and physical work – fine, but if it’s a change between washing dishes and washing floors – it’s a very questionable rest.

Plan yourself half an hour with a book that you have been going to read. Or even with your favourite TV-show. Or a walk alone with your own thoughts and the world around you. With the restored physical strength and peace of mind, you will be able to perform all other household tasks much better.

3. Don't try to do everything at the same time

Be here now. Do one thing at a time, or several one-sided: for example, cooking soup, cutlets and washing dishes. Otherwise, you risk to face a dozen unfinished deeds and then: “goodbye, a healthy night’s sleep!” in the evening.

Yes, sometimes it is difficult to resist not to start doing some minor and easy thing, but still, allocate a separate time for it.

4. Don't take work home

There are women who are happy to sit at home with children and do household chores, but there are those for whom it is a torture. If you are one of them and found yourself in a career – congratulations! Sincerely! But no matter how much you love your work, let it remain outside your home. I am sure that your employer expects you to do something similar regarding household chores and everything that does not apply to work. After all, your attention is dispersed and you become less productive.

The same thing is with household chores: if you think about your work tasks, you will spend a lot of time for doing household chores or you will perform them poorly. As an option, for a long time and poorly. And this is not how superwomen work.

5. Early rise

And it is not so important if you will wake up, or if your children will wake you, the most important thing is that there are 3 hours between the rise at 9 and at 6, and you can finish a lot of useful deeds. Unless you start feeling sorry for yourself and wasting time on procrastination.

6. A system of rewards

When children do what pleases us, we all try to encourage them to do it again and again. I suggest you to use this method for yourself. It is not necessary to spend money, it may even be just the words: “What a good job I did!”, or a dance of the winner, choose something that makes you happier.

In general, to be a superwoman is not so difficult. On the contrary, it is super simple to do if you choose only what is necessary. It’s like quitting smoking or starting to squat: just take it and do it (or don’t do it, as in the case of smoking), without postponing until Monday. It’s harder to stay sane and sound. And that’s another story.

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  • Avatar Adebusola says:

    Oh my God! You know it. So much too do in a short time.
    I like the planned vacation tips. I will definitely be incorporating that this week. Thank you so much for sharing.

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