There hardly is a person who doesn’t love presents. Especially the good ones. And they don’t have to be expensive, you know. As for me, a good present is something that you would like to have but would not buy for yourself; something that has more emotional sense for the recipient than practical (not excluding the fact that the present may be practical);- something that will show that the person is engaged in your interests and well – being.

And if receiving gifts is more or less clear, just show your joy and gratitude, when it comes to giving – there is always a question: “What to give?” Everything is a little easier with New Year and Christmas presents than with all the other holidays because you can find almost anything with the attributes of the holiday. What about Valentine’s Day? We have overcome chocolate-postcard-teddybear period, haven’t we?

Let’s think together!

First, you need to decide what type of gift your favourite recipient likes best.

1. Symbolic.

Some people love when a gift is endowed with symbolism. It can be something easy for the general perception, like cups, plates, aprons, key rings or even cups (the type of champion) with declarations of love. Or something that only you two understand. For everybody, it will be just an original picture and only you two will know that it is a graphic image of recording your Declaration of love.

2. Practical.

And it’s not about socks, girls! These can be good things to be used daily. A pen, a phone case, a watch, or you just know that a loved one has already worn out slippers. Name towels, bathrobes, computer stand, headphones, desk calendar, wallet, passport cover, thermo mug… As for me, these are the simplest presents, because with them there is no need to be very creative, you just need to be attentive.

3. Impression.

Some people believe that material gifts cannot withstand any competition with presents-events. The first thing that comes to mind in this context is travel! A little burdensome for both sides, as for me, and if everything goes well – such a present will not be forgotten. Especially if you don’t forget to bring your camera.

And you don’t have to leave the city where you live to get new experiences: you can just do what you don’t normally do. Going to the quest room, or to the theatre, or to a concert of a talented artist (not necessarily a favourite one), or to the Water Park. And even bowling, if it is not the usual way for the recipient to spend the weekend.

4. Well, how can it be without the budget option?

Tie the eyes of your loved one and offer to guess what are in different containers by touching them. And you can put anything in them! A cat, cooked pasta, fish (live, raw or fried – all restrictions only in your imagination), fruit, a ball of wool, stones. The main thing is to convince the person that you really could put anything there, even a spider or some other stuff. Then vivid impressions are guaranteed not only to the recipient but also to you as an observer.

Or just give a certificate to the Spa!

5. Educational.

There are people who love to discover new facets of their own personality, and they like the process of learning. You can buy a subscription to a dance school or a course in the language centre for them. Examine what people learn in your city and choose according to the aptitudes of a loved one. Cooking, language courses. Sewing courses? Or perhaps rock-climbing? Do not limit yourself or your loved ones!

6. Hand-made.

Someone will say that these are the most expensive gifts. And here, too, quite a wide range. Perhaps you know how to sew or knit well. Or paint. Sew, knit, draw, make a postcard, or fill out a photo album with beautiful photos. Write a story based on your relationship and make a mini-book. Make a calendar with your shared photos or with notes with confessions of feelings.

As you can see, the choice is wide enough to satisfy anyone. Finally, let me give you a little advice: when you give the present, say that it is for memory and every time a person sees or uses your present – it will remember about you. You definitely will not be forgotten, and this is the most important thing, is not it?

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