Spring is almost here and every girl and woman wants to look great and to make her life easier. That’s who we are.

I suggest you not to run immediately to the hairdresser, but, to look through and to refresh your cosmetics.

Changing skin care with the change of season is the key to a great look. So, what is necessary for our skin in spring?

1. Scrub

Thorough cleansing of the skin in winter can lead to the excessive loss of moisture and as a result, the skin can become dry. However, increasing the humidity in the spring will help you to protect your skin. It’s time to make it shine.

2. Sun protection

Perhaps only lazy people did not write that even in cloudy weather ultraviolet rays affect our skin. We are not lazy, so we remind you: apply with SPF at least 30 daily. This is the ideal sun protective moisturizer. As a bonus, it will help your makeup to last longer.

3. Cream for eyes

Wrinkles under eyes are something that is easier to prevent than to fight. Fortunately, cosmetics manufacturers also understand this and you will be able to find an eye cream without a mark of 40+.

4. Cream or lotion?

The answer is clear – lotion. Due to its lighter texture, it will provide the necessary level of moisture without the risk of clogging the pores of the skin.

5. Facial Spa

Spring is the time to visit a beautician. Do not delay this until problems arise.

6. Proper shopping

In the spring it is great to buy something that will take care of you in the summer. Hat. From the very beginning of its existence, hats had one function – to protect people from the sun. And if they are also stylish, no woman can resist.

In the end, we want to remind you only one thing: be responsible when choosing cosmetics. You do not need parabens on the face, it is better to choose minerals and mineral oils.  And the main rule of beauty: wash off your makeup in the evening!

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