Every girl wants to have a beautiful well-groomed hair and a chic hairstyle. But, like most things in this life, not everyone is lucky just by nature! Most of the girls have to make a lot of efforts to look beautiful. And how strong is the disappointment, if all efforts are wasted and the hair begins to fall out! We are not talking about seasonal hair change. Hair loss becomes a serious problem.
Let’s look at the reasons why this can happen.

1. Hormones

This is the first reason of hair loss the doctor will point out. If the reason is really serious - be sure to visit a doctor and get tested!

2. Stress

The second common reason. We live in a world where stress is the norm. But, if you recently suffered very strong stress - your hair may die. Do not worry, everything will return to normal when all the dead hair falls out. In the meantime, try to maintain your hair and protect.

3. Lack of Vitamins

In our time, we often have a snack on the go and it is often junk food. And diets? Try to drink a course of vitamins. It is better if the doctor chooses it for you after a thorough study.

4. Lack of protein

Few people know that healthy hair consists of 78% protein. If it is not enough in your nutrition, hair fade and become brittle. It is not necessary to eat animal protein. You can eat beans and nuts.

5. Wrong care

Often in the rush, we dry our hair using hair dryers, curling and flat irons. Sometimes we make too tough tails or hair styles. Or we may choose the wrong type of shampoo and conditioner. This is very harmful to the hair. Try to protect your hair, especially in winter. Use protection means.

These are just basic reasons. The problem can be much more serious.

The most important advice: visit a doctor! You don’t want to regret later, do you?

And try to worry less!

If you have your secrets on how to keep your hair beautiful, share with us in the comments! We will be incredibly grateful!

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