When you hear the word “office”, you imagine crowds of people in the suits. They can sit for hours in their seats and perform monotonous tasks the other day. However, this image is rather conditional when it comes to the reality we face in everyday life. Those who had to work for some time in the office, note the deterioration of health. Considering the rather passive way of life, the problems that we have to deal with, are quite serious. These are problems with vision, musculoskeletal system, digestion, psychological problems, etc.

Let’s try to identify the main problems which we will deal with. First of all, it is a long-term static position of the body. As a result, there are muscle spasms that affect literally everything in our body. The nervous system is overloaded as well. And here the “enchanted circle” is triggered, the nervous system through its somatic system begins to” understand ” static positions as normal and this leads to spasms. And spasms are the cause of pain in muscles, joints and digestive problems. Therefore, the main task is to make our body be active.

The first thing is walking. Need to be on another floor? Use the stairs. Need to pass a message to a colleague and have some spare time? Come and tell him/her in person. Need to throw away a piece of paper? Use the urn outside the office. Getting phone calls? Answer them rising from the chair.

Have a lot of time to spend at the computer? Set a reminder for breaks. A very convenient solution is a modern fitness bracelets, which determine the time required for the start of the activity. Also set activity limits, which you need to fulfil until the end of the day.

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A rather popular trend in office fashion is stand-up jobs. Sometimes you can hear the real debates from people who like this way of work and those who don’t. However, it is worth remembering that the change in the way of work should be gradual. Because drastic changes are stressful for the body. Another important point is that our main enemy is long-term static positions. Therefore, if you stand behind the workplace for a long time, it will not add health. As well as long-term sitting in a chair.

Some of us may object that they visit gyms more or less regularly several times a week, or they play all day football, tennis once a month, etc. However, the scientist Kathy Bowman called these people “actively sedentary”. As a result, most of them have the same problems as those that do not devote time to physical activity. Why? Because our bodies value predictability and consistency. Therefore, a few stressful hours a week are not effective, moreover, the risks of cardiovascular problems increase.

Therefore, you should focus on certain aspects of work in the office. First of all, you have to be productive at work. Most bosses don’t care how you achieve results. Your exercises in 99% will be a condition for completing tasks.
So, if you’d like to sit on a fitball instead of a chair, please. This will relieve the joints of the pelvis and thighs.

Do you work behind the counter? You can put a treadmill instead of the traditional table and chair.

Have a meeting? Spend it in the gym, or just walk near the office.
If things keep you near the computer and the chair, don’t forget to do stretching and simple exercises every 15 minutes. Give your eyes a minute or so of rest.

If you find it difficult to self-organize and do not know where to start, you can contact the fitness instructors and they will develop a personal program for you for the office. If you already decided to go to the gym, it is very important to do it regularly.  Here is the article on how to motivate yourself to go to the gym regularly. In short, you should have a desire, health is a by-product.

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