It is morning. You wake up full of energy and inspiration to spend your day amazingly. You are ready to move mountains and achieve great success! True?

I don’t know about you but I don’t feel like that very often. I have a family, two kids, a job with deadlines. That’s why I often wake up already tired. It is often difficult for me just to get up of the bed and to start a new day. And I decided to fight this problem. You can find a million ways how to solve this problem on the internet. I took 10, which are the most common, and decided to check whether they really work.

1. Shut down the devices.

Yes, this method definitely helps. At the same time, it was the most difficult item on the list for me. Scientists recommend turning off the phone, TV, computer and other devices 2 hours before bedtime. You stop thinking about work or social networks. You don’t waste your emotions on a movie, or worse, on news on television.

2. Air the room before going to bed.

This method has been tested for years. I always sleep better in a room with fresh air and when it’s a little cool. And I also noticed that I sleep much worse in summer when it’s hot. The temperature should be optimal for you.

3. Prepare everything for tomorrow.

Of course, if you prepare everything in the evening, you can sleep a little longer in the morning. And also you can be sure that you will not forget anything this way because in the morning we are always in a hurry. Prepare clothes, food, if possible. And also plan your day. It will save you such precious minutes in the morning.

4. Drink herbal tea.

This item is not suitable for everyone. I love herbal teas, so I gladly drink tea with chamomile and honey or tea with lemon balm grass. These teas help to relax and calm down.

5. Take a bath and do self-care procedures.

Yes! It helps both relax and feel better. The main condition: it is necessary not to hurry and to check that no one will interrupt you. I often do this when the children are already asleep.

6. Set the alarm clock.

I could never wake up early without an alarm clock. Although there are such people. Most often I set 3 alarm clocks because one is always not enough.

7. Meditation

Someone meditates, someone just listens to music or the sounds of nature. Someone does stretching a little. Prayer helps me more.

8. Go to bed at a specific time

When we go to bed at the same time, our body gets used to the schedule. But it is important to go to bed before 12 o’clock.

9. Sleep enough time

For someone it is enough 7 hours, someone needs up to 9 hours. Recent studies say that women need more time to sleep in order to regain strength. In our crazy time, sleeping for 9 hours is a luxury. But still, try to sleep at least 7 hours.

What are the conclusions? All items work and help. But only if you do them all every day. Unfortunately, I’m not always able to complete all the items.

And what means do you use? Perhaps you know some other effective ways? Share with us in the comments.

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