An active lifestyle has many advantages. It impacts everything, starting from heart and blood vessel health to mental performance. But, the fact of realizing that this is good, is not enough to encourage yourself to regular exercises. That’s why we offer you a few proven things that will help you confidently enter into the working routine of activity.

Set a clear goal

Any human activity is successful when it has a clear consistent end point. We need to understand why we are doing this and what we will get in the end. For example, to lose weight, strengthen blood vessels, tighten the body. The training plan should be built according to it.

Constantly follow the rules

We all love ourselves. But let’s not confuse love with pity. We begin to make indulgences very often because of a pity to ourselves. That undermines our faith in our own strength and negates all previous achievements. For example, the phrases like “I’ll start it on Monday”, “today I can miss it”and so on – are the first signs that your goal begins to run away from you. So, just set the rules and follow them.


We are designed to compete by nature. So, individuals who constantly set themselves the goal of being the best in a similar activity are more successful. What could it be?  To run longer than your neighbor on the treadmill, to overcome today’s jog faster than yesterday, to perform deeper stretching. These simple things give us a sense of small victories that subconsciously encourage us to be leaders. And when you’re first, you don’t want to lose your leadership position.

Find someone to support you.

Nothing motivates bigger than the support of a person who is not indifferent to our activities. Although some of us give advantages to solo training, only a few of us can remain indifferent to external support. Therefore, the majority of certified personal trainers gets money for playing different roles starting from mad fans to caring parents or friends.

Stop doing exercises for the sake of appearance

The appearance as in an advertisement is achieved by years of hard work and self-restraint. The beginners very often focus on the ultimate goal, which takes a long time to be achieved. And for a month or two of training, the achieved results usually are very reasonable. It affects your mood and you do not want to continue classes further. The way out of this situation is to make a detailed plan and mark the progress of the process. Thus, our brain gets detailed progress and additionally there is a desire to continue

Share your achievements with your friends in social networks

In this case, we use two methods: competition and support of like-minded people. I think you’ll agree that it is more pleasant to compete with real people, to compare your results with like-minded people and to share your own support. Or to receive it in return.

Therefore, the rule to take a selfie from the gym is very relevant.

Wear specialised clothing for training

Have you ever wondered why children wearing a uniform or its elements seriously begin to get used to the role of police, firefighters, soldiers? In our case, our brain sends signals to the body: “You have to! You can! Go ahead!” Numerous experiments have proven that people who have additional indirect stimuli are more effective and more sustainable in achieving physical results. On the other hand, it is at least an additional incentive to go shopping.

Daily routine

An important element of setting the result is to review your own daily routines. It’s difficult. Old habits die hard. But we don’t want the old us anymore, we’re here for the new and the best ones. It is better to start with the schedule of the sleeping time: go to sleep earlier, wake up earlier. Set a meal schedule. Revise your own menu. And of course to set the time for physical activity.

Remember, a great journey starts with small steps. Start your journey not from Monday or New Year, start it today!

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