Breakfast is the beginning of our day. It will affect our entire day. Also, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you do not eat in the morning, you will feel bad for the whole day. It can spoil your mood. A long break between dinner and breakfast has a negative impact on our body. Some people usually have only coffee for breakfast. That is not really the breakfast. In the morning you should pay more attention to yourself and have healthy and tasty food for breakfast that will charge you with positive energy for the whole day.

What are the advantages of breakfast? I will not write about the healthy effect of breakfast on the body. Let’s just highlight the pleasant moments. Maybe it will help you to love the breakfast!

1. You can have breakfast with your family, sitting at the table in the morning.

This can positively affect the mood of the day. But only if you do not hurry, and enjoy the communication. Wake up in advance and do not rush.

2. And if you have your breakfast alone, it is also a good option.

This is an opportunity to give yourself a few minutes in the morning. You can think about the future day and make small plans. This can be a pleasant start of the day.

3. Cooking breakfast is like a manifestation of care and love.

If you prepare your breakfast for the whole family with love, all family members feel it. They will be grateful to you. It connects you even more.

4. Breakfast is a good way to wake up.

As soon as you wake up, the stomach wakes up and asks for food. And after breakfast, the whole body wakes up. The earlier you have breakfast, the faster the whole body begins to work.

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5. Breakfast is an opportunity to replenish your strength.

When you do not have the time or do not have the desire to eat in the morning, you should know that your strength depends on what you eat. You will feel weak very soon and you will be hungry before lunch.

6. Breakfast is a great opportunity to eat a large portion of your favourite food and not to get weight.

Serving size is important for the body. Everyone knows that the largest portion should be in the morning, and the smallest one should be in the evening. But, for lovers of good food, there is some good news: Calories eaten in the morning will not be converted to fat!

7. Lack of desire is not a reason to refuse from eating breakfast.

If you do not eat in the morning for a long period, the desire to eat will be absent. But some time past, if you start having breakfast every day, the desire will wake up and every morning you will start the day with an appetite.

8. Breakfast helps to prevent the use of non-healthy snacks.

If you do not have breakfast, you will constantly eat something not useful until lunch, because you are hungry. Of course, you can eat an apple or dried fruit, but usually, we eat what is at hand.

If you start having breakfast regularly in the morning, you will improve your health. Morning healthy food affects your whole body and replenishes the supply of vitamins, adds energy and desire to do useful things that you plan for every day. After a successful breakfast, you gain strength, vigour and energy for the whole day. If you want to be healthy and energetic – have breakfast!

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