Time. One of the few resources we own. Quite often we use it thoughtlessly. It seems like we have an eternity. Almost every day we talk about the lack of time! And let’s be honest at least with ourselves: we always find time for everything that is really important and valuable for us! We all strive for great things. But life is made up of trinkets.

I offer you to achieve great things in small steps. Daily. It is very easy to start!

Compose a to-do list

It may sound trivial, but it really helps to sort the thoughts out.

Sometimes when all tasks are not structured, they can be scary. As you know, fear can paralyse. And the paralysed person will not reach much. So arm yourself with a notebook and a pen, and do not let confused thoughts intimidate you.

Urgent, important, unimportant

A lot of people, composing a to-do list, focus on time. But often, this is not the best way to plan a day, a week, a month. I suggest you to try to distribute the tasks as follows: urgent important, urgent unimportant, non-urgent important and non-urgent unimportant. This system will help to see more clearly what is important in your life and you will not spend much time on non-urgent and unimportant things.

Daily routine

Its difference from the to-do list is that it controls all our days. It’s about things like breakfast, lunch, dinner, sports, time to go to bed. Do not forget about these simple things, because you are a person with a whole bunch of physical needs. Do not ignore them but respect. And your body will thank you, increasing the performance.


This can be a coffee after the finished job or an energetic playlist that will help to concentrate. Everything that will improve your mood and increase your efficiency.


Everything is quite simple here: do not rest during the work and do not work during the rest. Or, don’t invite emotional burnout into your life.

Don’t be afraid to go out of your own comfort zone, there are so many discussions about it. And only a few people will remind you that it is worth returning to your comfort zone. At least for the night.

Right conclusion

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. It doesn’t make us bad, it helps us to learn how to be better. Fix what can be fixed. Accept the consequences where there is nothing to change. And most importantly – move on.


It is not ashamed if you don’t know something. Don’t be ashamed to ask questions. Don’t be ashamed to admit mistakes. This is the only way to master any sphere. Read, ask, specify. It is better to seem less knowledgeable at the training stage than to pretend that you already know everything and fail in the process of doing the work.

Form the right environment

It’s not really about the need to surround yourself with successful people to become successful. It is rather about being surrounded by people you can trust and who believe in you and your success and at the same time can give you constructive criticism if you ask for it. Do not surround yourself with those who “cut your wings.”


Optimism is good, but honesty is better. First of all, with ourselves. Too optimistic plans are often very detached from reality. And the fall easily blows up our own faith in ourselves. Learn to soberly assess your strength and resources to build more realistic goals. And if you are able to achieve more, you will surely win more than if you set yourself unrealistic goals and will not be able to achieve them. Don’t upset yourself.

Morning is the time of rest

Don’t start the morning with crazy running around. Calmly have Breakfast, revise your to-do list, spend time with your family. And only then, with a full charge of optimism, dive into the whirlpool of your tasks.

You are doomed to success!

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I am a Christian, a daughter, a wife, a mother. I love life, God and people.

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  • Avatar Claire lomax says:

    Lovely post, I’ve started similar this week. Finding focus and working on me x

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